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Grant Applications

How to apply for a MS Society Research Grant

How to apply for a MS Society Research Grant

The MS Society supports research in the field of MS in order to improve understanding of the causes and development of the disease, to further develop treatment options, and to improve quality of life for people with MS and their families.

MS Society Research Grant Applications

Eligible for grants are projects involving the following domains: basic and clinical sciences, MS diagnosis and treatment, psychology, sociology, nursing and rehabilitation medicine. All projects have to be related and with high significance to MS.

To encourage research on topics concerning «Quality of Life», a certain amount of the budget is specifically allocated to this type of project.

MS Registry and MS Cohort Data for your project

Researchers have the opportunity to use data or samples from the Swiss MS Registry and the Swiss MS Cohort Study for their projects: The Swiss MS Registry collects information on the prevalence of MS as well as on therapies, symptoms and the quality of life of people with MS, whereas the Swiss MS Cohort Study generates a standardized collection of demographic, clinical, MRI data and body fluids that can be used to develop prognostic indicators and biomarkers of disease evolution and therapeutic response. If you are interested, please contact Viktor von Wyl for the MS Registry Jens Kuhle for the Cohort Study.

Deadline: April 1, 2019

Applications must be submitted by email to the administration of the Scientific Advisory Board ( by April 1, 2019. The guidelines and application form can be found on this page under «Documents».


Your grant application will be evaluated by a commission of the Scientific Advisory Board and by three international experts and given a score from 3 to 6. Based on this score, the commission will decide if and to which amount your project can be funded. The Board of the MS Society will make the final decision.

By Beginning of August we will let you know whether your application has been approved. The grant will be issued as soon as we receive an invoice by your institution.

Your contact

Administration of the Scientific Advisory Board
Kathryn Schneider
043 444 43 84