For persons from Ukraine

What you need to know about health insurance and advice for persons with Multiple Sclerosis in Switzerland

With protection status S, persons from Ukraine have basic medical and accident insurance. The MS Society offers advice free of charge to all persons with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and their relatives in Switzerland.


People from Ukraine seeking protection and travelling to Switzerland can report directly to one of the six Federal Asylum Centres with processing facilities to register for protection status S. Due to the high number of persons currently registering there, waiting times may occur. You may find information on the capacity of the individual centres on the website of the SEM.

Health insurance

What does health insurance cover for asylum seekers with status S? 
«Health insurance entitles those in need of protection to basic medical care. However, the choice of medical practitioner is limited and they are requested to follow the instruction provided by the relevant authorities in the allocating canton. The authority will indicate whom they should turn to in the event of illness, accident, mental health issues or pregnancy. 

Accident insurance
As long as persons seeking protection are not employed in Switzerland, their health insurance also covers accidents. If a person is employed, the employer must insure the person against accidents.»