«State of the Art»

«State of the Art Symposium»

Un congresso specialistico unico in Svizzera interamente dedicato alla sclerosi multipla e rivolto a neurologi, specialisti della ricerca medica e personale paramedico.

20th State of the Art Symposium 2018

«Experimental Therapies in Multiple Sclerosis» was the theme of the 20th State of the Art Symposium which took place on Saturday, 27 January, 2018. Organised by the Swiss MS-Society and its Scientific Advisory Board.

Programme Committee State of the Art Symposium

Britta Engelhardt, Bern | Tobias Derfuss, Basel | Renaud Du Pasquier, Lausanne | Patrice Lalive, Geneva | Christian Kamm, Lucerne | Sven Schippling, Zurich | Chiara Zecca, Lugano

Further information and online registration will follow.

  • General Information

    Scientific Advisory Board of the Swiss MS-Society and Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society

    KKL Luzern
    Europaplatz 1, CH-6005 Lucerne
    KKL Luzern Website

    Public transport
    The Symposium venue is only a few steps from the SBB Mainstation.

  • Credits

    The Swiss Neurological Society will award 5 credit points.
    The Swiss Society of General Internal Medicine (SGAIM/SSMIG/SSGIM) will award 4.5 credit points.

  • Contacts

    Lia Rusterholz
    Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society

    Christof Knüsli
    Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society

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    Regula Muralt
    Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society
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